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John Sinclair was captured at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, and deported to America. An article written at the turn of the century identified him with Major John Sinclair, son of Henry Sinclair of Lybster, but the identification is unlikely.

Lineal Genealogy

1. George Sinclair, Earl of Caithness (c1527-1582). He married Elizabeth Graham (c1520-bef 1576), daughter of William Graham, Earl of Montrose, and Jonet Keith.

2. John Sinclair, Master of Caithness (bef 1543-1575). His mistress was Bessie Rorieson Gunn (c1550-?).

3. Henry Sinclair of Lybster (bef 1575-c1614). He married Janet Sutherland (c1580-?), daughter of William Sutherland of Duffus, and Elizabeth Sinclair.


4. John Sinclair (1634-1700), of Exeter, New Hampshire. He married Mary (c1637-?).

5. Mary Sinclair (1663-c1758). She married Jonathan Wheeler (c1657-1720), of Byfield, Massachusetts.

6. Mehitable Wheeler (1698-1766). She married Benjamin Wheeler (1695-1779), of Ipswich, Masschusetts.

7. David Wheeler (1730-bef 1810), of Harpswell, Maine. He married Mary Ann Stover (c1736-?), daughter of John and Miriam (Harmon) Stover, of Harpswell, Maine.

8. David Wheeler (c1763-1841), of Harpswell, Maine. He married Mary Clark (c1765-1810), daughter of Josiah and Sarah (Nute) Clark, of Harpswell, Maine.

9. Mary Ann Wheeler (1801-1879). She married Stephen Thomas Luce (1801-1872), of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sinclair Tartan
Sinclair Tartan
Lybster Harbour, Caithness
Lybster Harbour, Caithness
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