“Virtutis Gloria Merces”

Robertson of Kindace Tartan
Robertson of Kindace Tartan

Coat of Arms

Robertson of Struan: Gules three wolves’ heads erased Argent armed and langued Azure. Crest: A dexter arm holding a regal crown all Proper. Supporters: Dexter, a serpent; Sinister, a dove, the heads of each encircled with rays. Compartment: A wild man chained. Motto: Virtutis Gloria Merces. Slogan: Garg’n uair dhuisgear. Badges: Dluth Fhraoch (Fine-leaved Heath), An Raineach mhor (Bracken).

My Line

James Roberson (c1785-1835) lived at the Watauga Settlement in Tennessee before 1805, then settled at Cumberland Gap in Lee County before 1820. He owned land on both sides of the Powell River, and operated an inn there. James died in 1835. His widow and children left Virginia. According to tradition, they went first to Georgia, then to Oklahoma. However, I find no record of them until they reached the Platte Purchase in northwestern Missouri in 1839.

During the Civil War, public opinion in Missouri was violently split between the Union and the Confederacy. Northwestern Missouri saw much guerrilla activity on behalf of the Confederacy. James’ son Rufus Morgan Roberson was a slave owner and Confederate sympathizer, yet after the Civil War (1868) his daughter Rachel Jane Roberson married Union veteran William John Horne. Their descendants went west to Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington.

Lineal Genealogy

  1. Robert de Atholl of Struan (c1485-?), 8th Laird of Glenerochie, and 1st feudal Baron of Struan. He married Margaret Stewart (c1487-?), daughter of John, Earl of Atholl, and Eleanor Sinclair. [re-check this]
  2. Alexander Robertson of Struan (c1480-c1506), 9th Laird of Struan (formerly Glenerochie), and 2nd feudal Baron of Struan. He married Isobel Stewart (c1483-?), daughter of John, Earl of Atholl, and Eleanor Sinclair. [re-check this]
  3. John Robertson of Muirton (c1500-c1540), 1st Laird of Muirton. He married Margaret Crichton (c1498-bef 1546), daughter of Sir James Crichton of Crichton, and Katherine Borthwick.
  4. Gilbert Robertson of Muirton (c1520-aft 1570), 2nd Laird of Muirton. He married Jonet Reid (c1515-?), sister of Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney.
  5. David Robertson of Muirton (c1540-aft 1600), 3rd Laird of Muirton.
  6. William Robertson of Muirton (c1560-1599), 4th Laird of Muirton. He married Isobel Petrie (c1565-?).
  7. Thomas Robertson (c1592-1686), a merchant and Baillie of Edinburgh. He married Jean Jeffrey (c1598-?).
  8. Rev. William Robertson (c1622-?), a minister in Edinburgh. He married Katherine Kirkwood (c1650-aft 1700).


  1. Thomas Roberson (c1658-1692), a planter in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Alder (c1666-1691). I’m skeptical about his supposed parentage.
  2. John Robertson (c1670-1720), a planter in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Mavell Alsop East (c1676-?).
  3. Jacob Robinson (c1694-1774), a planter in Caswell County, North Carolina. He married Martha Headen (1702-1755).


  1. William Robinson (c1733-bef 1804), of Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married Charity Kennedy (c1740-c1848). There is some dispute about his parentage.


  1. James Roberson (c1775-1835), a farmer in Lee County, Virginia. He married Catharina Helvey (1781-1851), daughter of Henry and Susanna (Gale) Helvey. His parentage is uncertain.
  2. Rufus Morgan Roberson (c1811-1897), a farmer in Holt County, Missouri. He married Elizabeth A. Lomax (1814-1895), daughter of Asahel and Betty Jane (?) Lomax.
  3. Rachel Jane Roberson (1847-1944). She married William Steven Horne (c1832-1896).

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  1. Justin,
    I descend from Patrick Henry’s parents and grandparents, notably Alexander Henry and Jean Robertson, said to have been descended from the Robertsons of Muirton and Struan. I have seen numerous genealogies, but little to no documentation. I suspect some of it is correct, as most are very similar, but often the dates don’t add up and there is no documentation where the information comes from. I have seen a line in Burke’s and “Americans of Royal Descent”, but again, no documentation. Wondered if you had come across any documentation of the line presented in your Robertson descent from Robert de Atholl of Struan through Rev. William Robertson (c. 1622)? or any connection to Patrick Henry’s family. (I note you have Robert de Atholl being younger than his son Alexander.) Thanks for any insight

    1. Don’t know if you are still using this site, but believe your jean Robertson might be in the family of John Robertson c1642. This John had a son named Thomas & a daughter, I believe was your Jean Henry.
      Believe this the same family as my Robertson’s. But, can’t connect. I believe that my lineage is in the Rev. William Robertson #23. But not through Thomas ( #24 ) that is listed in Justin’s post, but another son of Rev William Robertson????

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