Our Mennonite Cousins

The following extracts give some account of the Mennonite Hauri family at Hirschthal in Schöftland. The wool-weaver Hans Hauri left Switzerland in 1711 with his wife and two sons. The two sons, Hans and Ulrich, immigrated to Pennsylvania about 1717. A third son, Jacob, remained in Germany.

“In the 17th century Kulm became the center of the Swiss Brethren movement in the Wynen Valley. Heinrich Muller had come this far on his journey of propaganda, & persuaded many to emigrate to Moravia. We find familiar names among them & their relatives, such as Hans Haury of Hirschtal (had to pay a fine of 100 pounds for his sister).” (Mennonite Encyclopedia, pp. 4-5)

“After the Thirty Years’ War only a few traces of the Anabaptist movement were found in Aargau. Among the names recorded are Martin Burger of Burg in Reinach, Rudolph Kuenzy at Murgren, Bernhard Rohr at Uerkheim, Datwyler in Offringen, Hans Dester and Jacob Gut, who was banished Sept. 10, 1660. The rest of the Swiss Brethren also left their homeland & emigrated to Alsace and the Palatinate (especially in 1671). Those who remained rallied around the Bachmann family in Bottwyl & the Haury family in Waldgraben. Most of these took part in the great emigration of the Swiss Brethren in 1711 to the Palatinate & the Netherlands. In the region of Zofingen they were found later than anywhere else.” (Mennonite Encyclopedia, p. 5)

“HAURY (Hauri), a Mennonite family stemming from the Aargau, Switzerland. Since a very early date the Hauri family living in Hirschtal, Lenzburg district (as distinguished from the Hauri family living in Reinach), belonged to the Swiss Brethren. After the Thirty Years’ War a number of HAURYs, under the pressure of persecution to which they were subjected in Switzerland, emigrated to South Germany. On one of the four boats that left Switzerland for the Netherlands in 1711 there was a weaver by the name of Hans Haury from Hirschtal and his family. There are still numerous bearers of the name in Switzerland, South Germany, and North America. The ancestor of the Mennonites among them is Jakob Haury, presumably a descendant of the above Hans HAURY, who came as a farmer from Bruchhausen near Mannheim to the Bolanderhof near Kirchheimbolanden (Palatinate) in 1745 & married the widow of Christian Stauffer.” (Mennonite Encyclopedia II, p. 679)

“HAURY (Hauri). 17th Century Anabaptist name, in the Bernese Aargau (Gratz, Bernese Anabaptists 47). After 1648 to the Palatinate; in 1745 Jacob Haury there; progeny to Bavaria, later to USA; 19th century arrivals to Illinois; now mostly in Kansas (Mennonite Encyclopedia II: 679-680). Swiss forms: Hauri (Hirschtal, Ct. Aargau). Hauri and Houri in Ct. Luzern (Historisch-Biographisches Lexikon der Schweiz (7 vols. & Supplement); Journal of Genealogy (March 1979), p. 33: 62)

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