Hauri Family in Freiburg

There was a Hauri family at Freiburg-im-Breisgau, in Baden-Württemberg in the 13th century. The city belonged to the von Urach family, who were Counts of Freiburg. In 1299 a war broke out between the city and Count Egino II over the issue of taxes. The burghers fired on Schlossberg with catapults. The Count called upon his brother-in-law, Konrad von Lichtenberg, Bishop of Strasbourg, for help. In the ensuing battle, on 29 July 1299, the Bishop was stabbed and killed by Metzger Hauri (”Butcher” Hauri). He became a local hero, even though the city was fined a ruinous amount for the murder, and was required to set a cross to mark the site. A monument in the town square and a city street (Hauriweg) memorialize the butcher, and the Butchers’ Guild has since had the honor of marching first in the Fronleichnamsprozession.

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