1. John Alloway-Strange (1727-1811), a Planter in Fluvanna County, Virginia. He married Ann Mitchell (1728-c1781), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (?) Mitchell. John’s ancestors apparently came from the Orkney islands off the northern coast of Scotland. Some of his descendants used the surname Strange, while others used the surname Alloway.
  2. Abraham Alloway-Strange (c1758-1815), a Farmer in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He married Mary (Mollie) Moore (c1757-1842), daughter of John and Judith (Walker) Moore.
  3. Abraham T. Alloway (c1792-aft 1870), a Farmer in Powshieck County, Iowa. He married Mary Loving (c1795-1850), daughter of John and Laura (Estes) Loving.
  4. John W. Alloway (1812-1894), a Farmer in Fillmore County, Nebraska. He married Malinda Goodwin (1820-1873), daughter of Abner and Charlotte (Genn) Goodwin.
  5. Benton Dudley Alloway (1852-1918), a Farmer. He married Mary Augusta Dutton (1854-1908), daughter of Charles and Laura (Sutton) Dutton. They homesteaded in South Dakota.
  6. Elizabeth Saphrona “Bertha” Alloway (1888-1963), married Rev. Elmer Philip Howery (1882-1922).
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